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Newsletter UiO:Life Science November 2015


Oslo Life Science February 16, 2016:
Opening conference for UiO:Life Science

Logo OsloLifeScienceThis will be the first of the annual conferences held by UiO:Life Science. We will explore how we can create a leading Nordic Life Science hub for research, education and business in Oslo.

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Research News

UiOs delegasjon Harvard
From the visit to Inger Sandlie. «The World is Waiting» says the banner at Harvard Medical School. According to Sandlie the researchers have a sense of urgency – the world is waiting for the usable results from medical research.

The World is Waiting...

During the Transatlantic Science Week in Boston this November Professor Nils Chr. Stenseth was one of the keynote speakers. Read about the work at the centres of excellence that he heads.

UiO visited a couple of UiO life-science researchers who collaborate with researchers at Harvard. Read about the collaboration between Mette Kalager and Harvard below. Inger Sandlie's research and innovation and entrepreneurship in life science at UiO will be presented in a later newsletter.

UiO also visited Questrum School of Business, Boston University which collaborates with the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship (Gründerskolen) – a Norwegian academic cooperation program involving all the universities and several university colleges in Norway. UiO has the overall academic and administrative responsibility.

Blogs from Boston:

Transatlantic collaboration for excellence in clinical effectiveness research on cancer

Anne Maria Eikeset and Nils Chr. StensethWhat happens to a stock of fish if we overexploit it? When do we need to stop fishing to save a stock from collapse? The CEES at UiO is engaged in cooperation with Nordic, European, Russian and American scientists to find answers to such questions.



Transatlantic collaboration for excellence in clinical effectiveness research on cancer

Michael Bretthauer and Silje HuginThe Clinical Effectiveness Research Group at UiO is engaged in close collaboration with top researchers at Harvard University to find out what is effective and ineffective in the prevention of colorectal cancer. They undertake studies that few others are able to emulate.



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