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Newsletter UiO:Life Science October 2016 


Life Science Lunch 16th of November:
Cancer and stem cells – the cells of possibilities?

What are stem cells, where do we find them and what are their roles? How can we use knowledge about stem cells in research and treatment of diseases? Why are stem cells so much debated? In English.




Oslo Life Science 15th–17th of February 2017 – save the dates!

This will be the 2nd conference hosted by UiO:Life Science for all of you who are interested in research, education, innovation, business and politics in life sciences. Oslo University Hospital and the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) are co-organizers.

The program is under preparation.

Research and innovation news

Status funding of convergence environments

The application process for the funding of convergence environments that will solve grand challenges related to health and the environment, started with a workshop the 28th and 29th of September. The deadline for sending a sketch for a project is the 28th of October 2016.


The School of Health Innovation is open for application

The School of Health Innovation at the Faculty of Medicine at UiO, NTNU and Karolinska Institutet aims to provide healthcare and life science researchers with tools and insight into how innovation can be put to work for the benefit of patients, the healthcare system and our society. The course in health innovation and entrepreneurship is open for application.

New Health Incubator in Oslo Science Park

The health incubator Aleap opened on the 12th of October. The incubator will house 60 entrepreneurs. UiO:Life Science welcomes the initiative and congratulates the founders Oslo Medtech, Inven2 and Oslotech!



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Building news

In the National Budget for 2017 that was presented on the 6th of October, the Government has allocated resources for further planning of the life sciences building in Gaustadbekkdalen. Resources are also allocated for planning a new building for the Faculty of Dentistry in the nearby area. This will strengthen Norway's leading knowledge cluster within health and life sciences in Gaustadbekkdalen.

Synthetic biology comic

This week at team of UiO students will participate in the international competition in synthetic biology – iGEM – in Boston. The team has printed the Norwegian version of the comic "Adventures in synthetic biology" to get more students from different disciplines to get insight into synthetic biology and maybe participate in the competition the coming years.

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By Norunn K. Torheim
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