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‘To reach the stage of a clinical trial is exciting and challenging, and such a huge step,’ says Agnete B. Fredriksen, Chief Scientific Officer at Vaccibody, as she describes the process of taking her vaccine research further to a company that tests its products on humans and has built up a network of global partners.

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The researcher Geir Åge Løset established the company Nextera on the basis of his own research at UiO. He believes that innovation is a state of mind that needs to be inculcated from the very start of studies. Nextera’s groundbreaking technology facilitates the development of new, targeted drugs that can treat chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with fewer side effects, and thereby benefit society considerably.

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British Reuters visited the research group of Professor Pål Rongved at the School of Pharmacy and has made a video about the group's cutting edge technology against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.