Main event Oslo Life Science 2021: Life sciences and global societal challenges

Using COVID-19 as an example, we focus on the role of life sciences in understanding and solving global societal challenges. What experiences have we gained one year after the pandemic started? Which research projects are implemented within the life sciences to prevent new pandemics in the future? What measures can we take to be prepared for a new global pandemic? And what efforts are taken to stop the COVID-19 pandemic globally?

Target groups: researchers, students, bureaucrats, business people, investors and politicians. 


Watch the video of the event. Videos of each presentation are to be found below in the programme.

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Session 1: Welcome and reflections on the pandemic

Image may contain: Forehead.Welcome: Visions for life science research, education and innovation at UiO and the importance of the new life science building
Svein Stølen, PhD
Rector, UiO
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Sigrid BratlieChair
Sigrid Bratlie
Special Advisor biotechnology


How to organize life sciences in order to be prepared for future planetary and human health challenges 
Ewan Birney
Deputy Director General EMBL / Director EMBL-EBI
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Session 2: One year after the pandemic started - learning outcome

Learning experience from large-scale international life sciences’ collaborations during a pandemic
Mark Daly, PhD
Director, Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, University of Helsinki
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Image may contain: Person, Mouth, Lip, Cheek, Hairstyle.Status of vaccine candidates and vaccine development and production
Stig Tollefsen, PhD
Technology Office Lead, CEPI
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Launching a pan-European, Adaptive Platform Trial for COVID-19 and future pandemic preparedness
Marius Trøseid, MD PhD
Associate professor Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo
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Session 3: How to prevent new pandemics - work in progress and preparedness

Life sciences at the University of Oslo and Oslo Science City: Examples from ongoing projects that can contribute to the prevention of new pandemics

Influenza vaccine that can be rapidly produced to counter an emerging pandemic threat
Gunnveig Grødeland, PhD
Research group leader Dep of Immunology and transfusion medicine, UiO
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Advanced therapies to answer the health challenges of the future
Hanne Haslene-Hox, PhD
Researcher, SINTEF
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Machine-learning-based design of antibody therapeutics
Victor Greiff, PhD
Project Leader of the convergence environment ImmunoLingo and Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UiO
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How can the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries contribute to preparedness for future pandemics?

How to increase access to medicines: Cooperation between the authorities and the producers 
Arne-Petter Sanne
Project Manager, The Norwegian Directorate of Health 
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How do we avoid shortage of medicines worldwide?
Sissel Lønning Andresen
Country Manager, Pfizer Norway
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How to avoid being vulnerable to medicine shortages in Norway?
Leif Rune Skymoen 
CEO, Curida
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Panel debate: Arne-Petter Sanne, Sissel Lønning Andresen and Leif Rune Skymoen 

Image may contain: Glasses, Forehead, Nose, Smile, Eyelash.
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What communication strategies have the health authorities used during the corona crisis?
Øyvind Ihlen,
Professor, Department of Media and Communication, UiO
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The global efforts to stop the COVID-19 pandemic
John-Arne Røttingen, MD PhD
Ambassador for Global Health, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Closing remark
Carl Henrik Gørbitz, PhD
Director of UiO:Life Science


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