Data and Society

The nature of the convergence environment necessitates the collection and integration of diverse data types. This raises a range of challenges including data standards, analysis and visualization, as well as ethical considerations such as data protection, privacy and ownership.

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Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

Pär Sundström Is it possible to build artificial minds?

Marcus Engebregtsen, (BrainTech) Neuroscience and AI

Liv Hausken, (Department of Media and Communication, UiO) Exploring the relations between technology, and society


Data Visualization

Taina Bücher (Department of Media and Communication, UiO) Ai, social and political concerns

Martin Jones Hardware and software solutions for imaging and image analysis

Vernon Lalone (Imperial College and Hybrid Technology Hub-Centre for Organ on a Chip Technology)


Data Integration / Data standards

Umer Zeeshan Ijaz (University of Glasgow) Analysis and integration of different sources of 'omics data in enviromental and medical science

Pável Vázquez (Hybrid Technology Hub-Centre for Organ on a Chip Technology, UiO) Developing FAIR based data solutions

Valeria Vitelli (Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, UiO) Methods for investigating high dimensional data


The event is hosted by the UiO:Life Science convergence environment: Organ on a chip and the Hybrid Technology Hub-Centre for Organ on a Chip Technology

Target audience: all convergence environments, and researchers without a strong background in data handling/analysis/visualization, and the increasing intrusive role that data play in our lives in the 21st century, these topics will also have a broader interest to the general public.

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