Personalized cancer therapy

This breakfast seminar organised by the UiO:Life Science project Personalized Cancer Therapy (PerCaThe) will discuss the future development of Cancer Precision Medicine and specifically how the field can move to implementation in clinical trials and next in clinical practice.

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0730–0800 Breakfast
Foyer / Mingling area, Ground Floor, Research Building, OUH Radiumhospitalet

0800–0805 Welcome and Scope of Meeting: Towards Precision Cancer Medicine Implementation

Prof. Kjetil Tasken, ICR, OUH


0805–0825 Establishment of Molecular profiling for Individual Treatment decisions in Early Breast Cancer – status and experience from the EMIT project
Prof. Bjørn Naume, Dept of Oncology, OUH


0825–0830 Questions & Comments

0830–0850 Using sequence analysis to inform cancer treatment choices
Prof. Eivind Hovig, ICR, OUH and Centre for Bioinformatics, IFI UIO


0850–0855 Questions & Comments

0855–0915 Personalized cancer therapy, Regulatory challenges
Bjørg Bolstad, CHMP member, Norwegian Medicines Agency



0915–0920 Questions & Comments

0920–0940 Law perspectives (In Norwegian)
Hvilke utfordringer gir innføring av persontilpasset kreftbehandling med hensyn på hvordan helsevesenet er innrettet i dag mhp lovverk, forskrifter og beslutninger i ulike organer som Beslutningsforum

Anne Kjersti Befring, Researcher, Dept. of Public and International Law, UiO

0940–0945 Questions & Comments

0945–1000 Summary by Kjetil Taskén 

1000 Adjourn

Partnership for Life 2019 hosted by the Pharmaceutical industry (LMI) starts at 1030. 


The University of Oslo and the City of Oslo invite all participants of the Oslo Life Science Conference to attend a reception in Oslo City Hall at 17.30 after the main event of the Oslo Life Science Conference 11 February. Registration for this reception.

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