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The Promise of Artificial Gametes

The ultimate boundaries of human reproduction lie at the limited availability of egg and sperm.  The ability to create sperm and eggs in the laboratory opens up a new world of reproductive possibilities. Imagine a world in which same sex couples can have babies genetically related to both partners. Where the menopause no longer spells the end of a woman’s fertility. Where any individual, of any age, can produce both sperm and eggs. 

Join us in this webinar to explore these questions from the perspectives of philosophy, anthropology, medicine, and molecular biology. Our two hour webinar will feature experts in each of these fields, who will discuss the prospect of artificial gametes and answer your questions about what the future holds for human reproduction.

The webinar is free to attend. We warmly welcome all participants.  

We recommend that participants watch this short film in advance of the event. The film is a fictional account of a scientist working with artificial gametes, and a decision that changes the future of human reproduction forever.  

Watch the film

Synopsis of the film





14.00 – welcome and introduction 

14.05 – screening of trailer for ‘In Vitro’ fim

14.10 – talk by Professor Robin Lovell Badge, award-winning stem cell scientist

14.40 – brief outline of ethical, sociological, medical and scientific challenges of artificial gametes

15.00 – scenarios of the future: group discussion

15.30 – panel discussion

16.00 – round up and closing remarks



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