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UiO:Life Science shall strengthen quality and interaction in research. Our primary instrument to achieve this goal is the funding of convergence environments – interdisciplinary research groups that address major challenges related to health and environment/sustainability. We established six convergence environments, convergence environments I, after the application round in 2016/2017. A new application round, convergence environments II, started in August 2018.

Convergence environments II

The application round for convergence environments II started in August 2018. This will result inn of 5–6 new interdisciplinary research groups.

Convergence environments I

The convergence environments that were established in 2017 study man-made pollutants, the peculiar immune system of codfish, embryonic development, personalised cancer therapies and new technologies to handle both disease and pollutants.

Life science research at UiO

Research news

  • marius_f_maurstad_hagen_660 Life sciences: Students in full swing doing research projects June 19, 2018 4:25 PM

    During the next six months, 67 students will work on research projects with summer scholarships from UiO:Life Science. At the Natural History Museum, bachelor’s degree student Marius F. Maurstad is already in full swing with his project. He is studying beetles at the molecular level to understand how climate change affects prevalence and evolution, and in a worst-case scenario, extinction of species – a dream job, in his opinion.