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About UiO:Nordic

UiO:Nordic was established by the University Board in June 2015 and has been in full operation since 2016.

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  • UiO:Nordic has a board consisting of members representing all participating Faculties.
  • The budget framework is NOK 80 million distributed over eight years, until 2022.
  • Director Tore Rem
  • Administrative Manager, Mari Bergseth-Hasle.
  • The Faculty of Humanities hosts the initiative.

Goals and plans

The main goals for UiO’s Nordic initiative are to:

  • Generate new knowledge about Nordic characteristics in an international context.
  • Use interdisciplinary approaches as a means to achieve UiO’s strategic plan in the period until 2020.
  • Increase the scope of external funding.
  • Reinforce our collaboration with external social interests and users.
  • Reinforce interdisciplinary educational programmes, relevance and quality of studies.

Read more about goals and plans

Collaborate with UiO:Nordic

UiO:Nordic will seek to develop long-term collaboration with selected social institutions and organizations in Norway, the Nordic countries and internationally.

See the initiative’s prospective partners.

We also support other relevant research on the Nordic within the University of Oslo.


The Nordic initiative will be funded from three sources:

  • Funds from the University Board.
  • Contributions from participating departments and faculties.
  • External funds, for example from the EU and the Research Council of Norway.

Read more about funding.


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