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Collaborate with UiO:Nordic

UiO:Nordic will encompass a broad range of topics in areas such as culture, politics, economics, health, religion, education, and research.

Long-term collaboration

We seek to develop long-term collaboration with selected social institutions and organizations, in Norway and the Nordic countries as well as internationally:

  • Political and cultural decision-makers
  • Interest organizations
  • Business associations and trade unions
  • Think-tanks and expert communities
  • Opinion leaders and commentators in public debate
  • Education and research institutions

We will seek to promote debate in areas such as freedom of expression, migration, universal welfare schemes, consumption, and sustainable lifestyles.

Meeting grounds

UiO:Nordic will arrange scenario workshops, user conferences and dialogue meetings, disseminate research results and help engender debate through digital arenas and media.

Contact us if you or your institution wants to collaborate on provision of knowledge or dissemination activities.

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