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Funding of the Nordic initiative

The University Board decided to establish the Nordic initiative in 2014. It will last for eight years, with a total budget of NOK 80 million.

Sources of funding

The Nordic initiative will be funded from three sources:

  • Funds from the University Board.
  • Contributions from the participating departments and faculties.
  • External funding, for example through the Research Council of Norway and the EU.

Funds from UiO

Incentive funding from UiO will gradually be stepped up to a peak level, and then gradually decline.

This mechanism is intended to encourage relatively quick initiation, while the participating research groups will be expected to become self-sustaining in the longer term through a combination of internal and external funding.

Internal funding

The collaborating units will contribute from their internal funds. To qualify in the competition for establishment of research groups, the department that hosts the research community must set aside funding from their own unit.

This internal funding may be devoted to a variety of activities, not only to paying for internal research time. Other relevant purposes could include researcher work-months, funding for conferences and networking, professor II positions or similar.

Income from external sources

The topics of UiO Nordic will help accentuate the university’s research activities within the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

In addition, a number of programmes under the Research Council of Norway and other sources of funding will be relevant.


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