ReNEW call for workshop funds, mobility grants and 2019 Nordic Challenges Conference

ReNEW (Re-imagining Norden in an Evolving World) hosts the annual Nordic challenges conferences. ReNEW supports workshops, mobility, summer-schools and Ph.d training, as well as outreach activities, for a six-year period, running from 2018 to 2023.

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Annual Nordic Challenges Conference: Nordic democracy, institutions and values

The focus of the 2019 Annual Nordic Challenges conference is on how democratic institutions and practices as well as culture and values are changing in response to the multiple global challenges faced by Nordic countries. Nordics have seen themselves as key players at the international level, often setting the agenda in a wide variety of issues, such as peace, welfare, socially-viable competitiveness, innovation, climate change and human rights. But, global challenges such as migration and inequalities have intensified recently, with political, institutional and societal repercussions in the Nordic countries. The master narrative of globalization has been challenged by nationalistic and protectionist agendas with Brexit and the election of Trump as the most significant examples. The Nordic countries have likewise seen a shift from liberalism and openness, to a more nationalist and closed approach. International cooperation is being looked upon critically, and policies across various policy areas are more inward looking than previously. The intensification of global challenges, reflected politically and societally, does have repercussions on democratic institutions and practices, as well as values in the Nordic countries. In a geo-political context where democratic institutions and values are under threat, this may change the nature of democracy among advanced economies.

Panels may, amongst others, be proposed in the following topics:  

  1.  Nordic cooperation and region-building;  
  2.  Democracy, governance and law; 
  3.  Public policy, gender equality and labour markets; 
  4.  Imagining Norden - branding and Nordic reputation; 
  5.  Multiculturalism and globalization; 
  6.  Nordic culture, education  and media. 

Important dates: 

  • Proposals for panels, round-tables or other events, are due on the 15th September; response to submissions will be 15th October   
  • Proposals for papers are due the 1st November (these can be but are not required to be within a panel); Response to authors  1st December; 
  • Full papers to be uploaded by 15th February

The 2019 conference introduces the ReNEW ‘early career paper prize’. To be eligible, candidates have to be Ph.d students or have completed Ph.d within the last five years, and have to present written work at any ReNEW event between the 2018 and 2019 annual conferences (including the 2019 conference). The winner will be announced at the annual ReNEW conference.    

Visit the conference website for details and information. 

Closing date: September 15 2018

If you have any queries or suggestions, get in touch with the local organising committee: Mads Mordhorst, Caroline de la Porte, Kira Storgaard Hansen 


The call for mobility funds is closed!

Mobility entails research stays abroad in a university involved in the research hub of ReNEW or another university of relevance. ReNEW supports mobility – for researchers at all stages of their career - within the themes of ReNEW. The mobility stay can be between a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 12 months taking place in 2018 and early 2019 (new call covering 2019 will be announced later this year). The ReNEW mobility scheme covers travel and accommodation costs. 

The mobility candidates are encouraged to consider the following activities in their mobility plans:  

  • Conducting research that is relevant from a ReNEW perspective;  
  • Participation in seminars and/or other educational events at the host institution;  
  • Networking and planning for future cooperation within research, teaching and/or public outreach;  
  • Seeking to create synergies between the partner institutions, key persons and other relevant environments.  
  • Commitment to participate in the annual ReNEW conference  

There will also be an opportunity for external consortium mobility to ReNEW’s strategic partners, which include Fudan University, Harvard University, Boston University, European University Institute (future calls). Where relevant, mobility may also be to other institutions that are well networked with ReNEW.

Closing date: June 15 2018 The call for mobility funds is closed!


Workshop funds

The call for workshop funds is closed!

ReNEW workshops have multiple purposes, such as, to explore research ideas, to pursue on-going cooperation in the context of a joint publication, to fund smaller start-up projects, to contribute to outreach or other activities. In planning workshops, participants should represent at least two universities within the ReNEW hub; the workshop must be of high scientific quality;  the workshop must be of academic relevance to ReNEW, that is, to examine challenges, paradoxes and future opportunities, and/or meeting with global challenges related to  Norden. This may be in a comparative persepctive with other regions.

The workshop shall be carried out in the autumn/winter of 2018  (new call will cover 2019).

Requirements and assessment criterias regarding workshops: 

  1. The participants should preferably represent at least two universities within the ReNEW hub. Which institution (university and department) is responsible for hosting workshop? Which university(-ies) of the ReNEW hub organize the workshop? 
  2. In what way does this workshop contribute to ReNEW? The purpose of the workshop should be stated (explore new research ideas, develop joint publication or application to research institution)   
  3. The workshop shall pave the way for and encourage collaborative relationships across disciplines and research groups, and must be of academic relevance to ReNEW (cf. the programme plan - [broken] and the programme description) and preferrably deal with topics related to one or more of the following research themes (list 6 themes) 
  4. The workshop shall be carried out in the autumn of  2018  or winter of 2019
  5. It is possible to include seminar and travel expenses for academic staff within ReNEW as well as external participants, if they are relevant for a particular theme  
  6. In what way do you intend to be involved in future ReNEW events? Is there any planned involvement of stakeholders or outreach activity? If so, please specify? ReNEW seek to establish international partnerships and we encourage to include plans to involve scholars from such partners outside of the ReNEW hub as well 


  1. Short CV
  2. Basic budget 5000-70 000 NOK (travel, accommodation, meals, other)
  3. List of participants and organizers
  4. Preliminary program
  5. Purpose or project outline 

Closing date: June 15 2018 The call for workshop funds is closed!

Read more about ReNEW.


About ReNEW

ReNEW brings together six Nordic universities in one strategic hub, with world-wide connections, in the study of Norden in an evolving world. It involves diverse strands of scholarship, uniting existing research initiatives within the social sciences and humanities that engage with Norden.  

ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) aims at developing path-breaking research on the Nordic region against the background of an increasingly challenging global context. The Nordic region has attracted global interest in the last decade. It is seen as a blue-print in combining economic competitiveness and innovation with social equality and well-being. Topping global indexes of happiness, competitiveness and equality, the Nordic states featured as models in the presidential election campaigns in both the US 2016 and France 2017, in the Brexit and Scottish independence referenda, and in debates over gender policy, education and social investment in the EU and beyond. This interest has created demand for knowledge about Nordic societies and institutions, ranging from the economics of the tripartite model and small state internationalism to the cultural innovations of new Nordic cuisine, Nordic design and Nordic noir. The idealization of the region has, however, been tempered the electoral success of right-wing populists and by criticisms of the Nordic countries, for example over their treatment of asylum-seekers and non-western immigrants. And to be sure, dystopian images of the Nordic countries are also frequently circulated abroad. It is these and other challenges that is the starting point for the research focus of ReNEW. The activities of ReNEW are annual conferences, workshops, mobility, summer-schools, Ph.d training, outreach activities  

The ReNEW contacts at partner universities are:  

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