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Open call: Research and dissemination funds from UiO:Nordic

UiO:Nordic announces funding intended to instigate activity and research on the Nordic region and the Nordic in an international context. The call is open to all UiO employees, and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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Applications that include activities involving multiple academic partners and external participants are welcome, but the primary applicant must be employed at UiO. Inter-faculty cooperation is not a requirement, but we strongly encourage interdisciplinarity. No co-payment is required.


We support:

  • Initiatives that promote the establishment of new interdisciplinary relations/projects within research on the Nordic region, but also initiatives that form a academic bridge between UiO:Nordic og UiO:Democracy   (e.g. workshops, conferences, seminars, establishment of new projects, kick-off seminars, etc.).
  • Initiatives that strengthen existing research groups or projects that focus on Nordic research topics (e.g. workshops, conferences, seminars, hiring research assistants, etc.)
  • Initiatives which enhance relations with non-academic stakeholders and dissemination of research on the Nordic region (e.g. events connected with dissemination, network meetings, etc.)

We strongly encourage applicants to think in green and sustainable ways (e.g. in connection with travel and meetings). We recommend those interested to initiate a dialogue with us about their application. 

This funding is intended to support activity that can strengthen research on Nordic-related topics as described in UiO:Nordic’s programme plan and programme notes.

Applications below the total amount of NOK 100 000 will be decided on by UiO:Nordic's administration (with a referee panel), while applications above NOK 100 000 and up to the maximum amount of NOK 300 000 must be approved by the board.

Note that November 15 2022 is the final application deadline for this action, and that the means have to be accounted for by June 30 2023.

    Applications must contain:

    • A short description of the initiative, 1-3 pages, which includes:
      • An explanation of the initiative
      • How the initiative contributes to research on the Nordic region
      • The initiative’s academic relevance for UiO:Nordic
      • If relevant, interdisciplinary component(s)
      • If relevant, programme/list of participants
      • If relevant, target audience (dissemination and external relations)
    • Applicants’ CVs
    • A detailed budget explaining all expenses.

    Assessment criteria:

    • The initiative’s potential for establishing/strengthening genuine interdisciplinary relations within research on the Nordic region, both nationally and internationally
    • The initiative’s academic relevance for UiO:Nordic
    • The initiative’s potential for furthering dissemination and external relations for research on Nordic-related topics at UiO
    • Initiatives originating within one of UiO:Nordic’s research projects may be prioritised

    Important information:

    Send the application to UiO:Nordic in ePhorte, saksnummer 2018/1467. Send the application in one PDF file.

    Note that November 15 2022 is the final application deadline for this action, and that the means have to be accounted for by June 30 2023.

    Contact UiO:Nordic’s head of administration for more information.

    Please note:

    The Government Employment Handbook (in Norwegian) regulates expenses related to representation, hosting, food, etc. As a general rule hosting expenses should not be incurred for internal meetings, unless there are external participants.

    See the UiO website for further details.

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