The UiO:Nordic seminar: Hospitality and Justice – Perspectives from the context of Nordic Migration

UiO:Nordic research group NORDHOST presents its team and topics.

Arctic Border. Illustration photo: K. Rønsdal

Hospitality and justice are topics that span all of NORDHOST’s subprojects to some degree. Furthermore, most subprojects also relate to some kind of resistance, whether from migrants or migrant advocates, or to critical reflections on political injustice in relation to migrant issues.

NORDHOST’s common, overarching question is: Is there anything specific about Nordic forms of hospitality which are developing in the encounters between arriving migrants and civil society receiving projects?



14:15 Introduction Trygve Wyller
14:25-15:05 NORDHOST researchers, including all new Phds/post docs, present their subprojects Incl. Helena Schmidt, Dorina Damsa, Kaia Rønsdal, and post doc from SAI (t.b.a)
15:05 Plenary discussion  

Coffe and tea for all participants.

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