The Nordic Model in American Politics

Seminar with Professor of Law, Michael A. Livingston, Rutgers University on the utopian and dystopian images of the Nordic model in the USA.

The historic Nordic Model involves a relatively high level of taxes combined with universal welfare benefits and a progressive approach to environment, gender equity, and other social issues.  Although the model has come into question in Norden itself, it retains a fascination overseas, especially in North America. The model is especially popular on the political left, because it appears to offer a high level of benefits without sacrificing individual freedom, creativity, andother values.

More recently, the Nordic countries have taken on a dystopian image among many on the North American right, who emphasize crime, social breakdown, and other problems allegedly resulting from a permissive society and high levels of immigration.

This seminar will consider the utopian and dystopian images of Norden and their connection with reality. The role of Nordic marketing efforts in creating and maintaining a positive image of the region will also be considered, together with the "rebound” effect of external critiques within the region itself.

Published Sep. 19, 2018 1:18 PM - Last modified Dec. 10, 2018 12:45 PM