29th Congress of Nordic Historians

UiO:Nordic researchers participates at the 29th Congress of Nordic Historians in Aalborg, Denmark.

"Reformations: Reshaping culture and environment"

Members from the Nordic Branding-group hosts a panel session called "Nordic Models and Exceptionalism: Also a Question of Branding", Mads Mordhorst chairs the panel. 

Nordic models and exceptionalism are regularly described and explained by reference to political factors (e.g., social movements, trade unions, proactive bureaucrats, Nordic cooperation) and historical and cultural factors (e.g., shared past, values, traditions, boarders, language). As such research moves into a normative register, these perspectives are often blended into a form of essentialism that reifies Nordic uniqueness.

Yet, the idea and image of the Nordics can be studied also as a branding phenomenon. A typical sign of branding is the strategic selection of features to be foregrounded, and that it has a purchase in a marketplace or audience – e.g., commerce, politics, or culture. At the same time, foreign actors (e.g., social movements, political parties and academics in the West) have helped shaping the discourse of the Nordics over the past century – with brands being constantly reformulated as the original ‘constructor’ loses full control. Thus, the Nordic image is arguably both formulated abroad, by foreigners, and at home, by domestic agents and actors.

Having this in mind, the proposed session for the Nordic Historical Meeting in 2017 discusses ideas and images of Nordicity through the leans of nation/regional branding with a point of departure in empirical historical research. We ask how, when, by whom, and where, Nordic images have emerged as brands (or not), and how these brands have been used and changed over time, in alliance or competition with national and/or foreign images.

Also Ruth Hemstad and other "The Public Sphere and Freedom of Expression in the Nordic Countries, 1815-1900"-researchers participates at the conference with the panel "The Public Sphere and Freedom of Expression in the Nordic Countries, 1815-1914".

Further information on the conference webpage.

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