Seven applicants for UiO:Nordic funding

UiO:Nordic received seven applications for research funding by our announcement this summer. The applications are now distributed to the review panel, and the grant for Nordic-funding 2017 will be published mid-November.

UiO:Nordic review panel at Copenhagen Business School. From left: Hanne Petersen, Johan Strang, Haldor Byrkjeflot, Caroline de la Porte and Bo Stråth. Photo: Kjartan Hverven/UiO

Interdisciplinary projects

The seven applications have contributors from six different faculties at University of Oslo. Some projects have additionally joined up with researchers from other centres, institutes and universities in Norway and abroad.


These are the seven applications:

  • Raising the Nordic «Model Citizen» (RNMC), led by Elisabeth Staksrud, Department of Media and Communication (Faculty of Humanities).
  • Political Communication Culture and Resilience of the Nordic Countries (NORDIC POLCOM), led by Øyvind Ihlen, Department of Media and Communication (Faculty of Humanities).
  • Nordic hospitalities in a context of migration and refugee crisis (NORDHOST), led by Trygve Wyller, Faculty of Theology.
  • How have social movements influenced the development of Nordic societies? Religious movements, peasant movements, labour movements and women’s movements 1800-2015, led by Lars Mjøset, Department of Sociology and Human Geography (Faculty of Social Sciences).
  • Dynamics of expertise and participation in Nordic knowledge societies (NordEx), led by Monika Nerland, Faculty of Educational Sciences.
  • The Nordic Model in a Europeanized Context (EURONOR), led by Espen D. H. Olsen, ARENA Center for European Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Nordic Branding, led by Malcom Langford, Faculty if Law.

The applications are currently being evaluated by UiO:Nordic’s international review panel. The panel has conducted their first meeting and will deliver their evaluation to the UiO:Nordic board at our board meeting mid-November. The final decision will be published shortly thereafter.

The review panel consists of:


Published Oct. 17, 2016 2:23 PM