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Norwegian Research Council announces 30 million

Up to NOK 30 million is available for Researcher Projects under a joint call issued by the VAM and SAMKUL programmes. They seek research projects that study various aspects of the prerequisites for the welfare and working life model in light of societal changes related to migration, socioeconomic differences and greater diversity.

The Common Swift (Apus apus) by Justyna Baytel, (detail). Wikimedia Commons.

Migration and welfare

In recent years, war, failed states and differences in living standards  in the Middle East, Asia and Africa have resulted in an increasing number of refugees and migrants coming to Europe – and to Norway. The growing number of refugees has brought the discussion of the fundamental prerequisites for welfare levels to the fore. Are there connections between greater cultural and socioeconomic differences and the support for and legitimacy of the welfare and working life model?

Research areas

  • Mechanisms that promote and undermine  support for the Norwegian welfare model, from the majority population as well as from members of the immigrant population;
  • Norwegian immigration and integration policy in light of international legal commitments;
  • Normative and ethical aspects of policy in the field;
  • Changes in integration, competency and working life policy resulting from increased migration and demographic shifts;
  • Effects of measures related to settlement and participation and integration in education, working life and civil society for newly arrived migrants.

Applicants are encouraged to incorporate the following components:

  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Gender and generation
  • Perspectives from the humanities and legal studies
  • Comparative perspectives


See the complete announcement by NRC.

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