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Published Nov. 5, 2017 1:04 PM

NORDHOST researcher Maartje van der Woude has invited all the NORDHOST PhD. and post doc. fellows in the project to a masterclass at Leiden University in March 2018.

Published Nov. 5, 2017 1:04 PM

NORDHOST is collaborating with KORO (Public Art of Norway)

Published Sep. 12, 2017 10:38 AM

Even though NORDHOST officially started 1st of February this year, the entire group has not had the pleasure of meeting until now. Our first workshop took place at Holmen Fjordhotell over a couple of days in late August.

Published Sep. 12, 2017 10:38 AM

After months of developing the idea of a book series that explores practices and challenges related to migration and religion, Routledge has approved the proposed plan!

Published Sep. 5, 2017 11:34 AM

International Conference on the branding of Nordic Aesthetics in Oslo.

Published Aug. 30, 2017 1:48 PM

New article by Charlotte Holmstöm and May-Len Skilbrei in Oslo Law Review on whether the Swedish Sex Purchase Act has lived up to its expectations. 

Photo of Sonja Kovacevic and Tora K. Knutsen
Published Aug. 22, 2017 9:24 AM

Sonja Kovacevic and Tora K. Knutsen are newly employed PhD students at the Department of Economics and will be writing their theses within the Nordic Welfare Developments (NoWeDe) research project.

Published Aug. 21, 2017 2:09 PM

SUM is happy to announce that Kristian Bjørkdahl has joined the Centre as a postdoctoral fellow. His position is part of a UiO:Norden programme, Nordic Branding, in which SUM is a central partner.

Published Aug. 7, 2017 1:54 PM

The article by Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen is the first Nordic Branding-supported research article.

Published Aug. 7, 2017 11:13 AM

Kristin Bergtora Sandvik (PRIO/UiO) and Amanda Cellini (PRIO) have published a blog post on Nordic welfare humanitarianism, a topic that was discussed at the Nordic Branding kick-off conference.

Published June 12, 2017 11:15 AM

At The Faculty of Theology a new master program has been developed, called Religion and Diversity: Conflict and Coexistence (REDI), starting fall 2017. As a result of NORDHOST, the course Religion, Migration and Citizenship is developed as part of the new program.

Published Mar. 31, 2017 9:52 AM

Nordic Branding is announcing two post-doctoral research fellowships. One located at the Department of Psychology and one at Centre for Development and the Environment.

Published Mar. 31, 2017 9:39 AM

Nordic Branding is announcing an available Ph.D position relating to our research interests. The candidate needs a background in law, legal sociology, human rights, criminology or an equivalent field.

Published Feb. 9, 2017 1:09 PM

Are you interested researching in what way the Nordic countries followed an egalitarian path to prosperity and what poor countries can learn from this today?

Published Feb. 9, 2017 12:37 PM

There is currently 1-2 PhD research fellowships open at NoWeDe. Application deadline is March 1st, 2017.

Published Jan. 26, 2017 10:50 AM

The Department of Public and International Law at the University of Oslo has published an article on the Nordic branding project, describing its background and purpose.

Published Oct. 21, 2016 10:34 AM

A recent article in the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, Einar Lie and Jo Thori Lind provide a response to Nima Sanandajis criticism of the Nordic welfare state.

Published Oct. 6, 2016 3:19 PM

Pauliina Brynildsen has completed a master thesis entitled “The Nordic Model as a Development Strategy: an empirical study of the Indian manufacturing sector” as part of the Nordic Welfare Developments (NoWeDe) research group.

Published July 15, 2016 11:10 AM

Andreas Kotsadam, senior researcher at the Frisch Centre and Affiliated researcher at ESOP and NoWeDe (UiO), has received a stipend of 150 000 NOK from P. M. Røwdes Foundation.

Published July 7, 2016 10:45 AM

ESOP organises a two-day event to mark the end of its CoE-period. The research centre will no longer be part of the Norwegian Research Council's programme but continues with fresh funding.