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Call for papers: Forgotten roots of the Nordic welfare state in Protestant cultures

The research project "Aesthetics of Protestantism in Northern Europe" at the University of Strasbourg invites papers about the relationship between Protestant culture and the Nordic welfare state for a conference which will be held on March 11 and 12, 2021.

The discourse surrounding the Nordic welfare state and its success has mainly centered on economy, as well as the development of a democratic and egalitarian society. Research on historical and cultural aspects of the welfare state has placed significant emphasis on secularization, but has not paid much attention to Protestant tradition. This conference will investigate how Protestant history and cultural heritage interacts with Nordic ideas about welfare and happiness. The organizers encourage papers that consider the relationship between profane and sacral, protestant and secular ideas, and practice and aesthetics, and welcome both cultural, literary, political, and other cultural-historical perspectives. 

Papers should last 30 minutes, and proposals are to be sent to and by September 30.

More information (pdf).

Published July 27, 2020 5:59 PM - Last modified July 27, 2020 6:00 PM