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The most important asset of the Nordic initiative is the involvement of established and active researchers.The initiative is rooted in broad expertise and strong research interests at UiO.

We aim to explore:

  • Nordic countries in the world: Comparisons and contrasts between the Nordic countries, between the Nordic region and other countries and regions, and between institutions, practices and cultural expressions within these countries.
  • Nordic models, styles and traditions: How Nordic characteristics are constituted, discussed, utilized and criticized within various social, cultural and aesthetic areas.
  • History and preconditions: Historical commonalities, differences and preconditions in today's Nordic community.
  • Sustainability and future opportunities: Political, economic and cultural globalization, migration, Europeanization and standardization present influences and challenges. Countries ' development and opportunities are not just about identifying problems and challenges, but also about studying shortfalls, solutions, adaptations and learning – across countries, regions and sectors.

The research groups

UiO:Nordic each year allocates funding to research groups seeking to generate new and relevant knowledge about the Nordic region and Nordic features in an international context. The first three projects were established in 2016. In total, UiO:Nordic will fund 11 research teams, each with a lifetime duration of up to 3 years.

Nordic Welfare Developments (NoWeDe)

The welfare state is least developed where there is the greatest need for it. NoWeDe is studying how the welfare state originated historically in the Nordic (particularly the Norwegian) context, and about its potential emergence in developing countries in Africa and Latin America today.

The public sphere and freedom of expression in the Nordic countries 1815-1900

The public sphere and freedom of expression are preconditions for an open Nordic-model society based on trust. The project examines the historical preconditions for the emergence of freedom of expression and the public sphere in the Nordic region after 1815 in an international perspective.


Is there anything special about Nordic forms of hospitality that are developed in encounters between migrants and civilian society's initiatives and projects aimed at receiving them? NORDHOST’s goal is to approach issues of value related to migration and hospitality in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Branding

 "Nordic branding" aims to investigate how the notion of the Nordic social model was created and then used in politics, law and trade.

Living the Nordic Model

Living the Nordic Model brings together scholars to study institutionalized childhoods of the Nordic countries and aims is to understand the history, present challenges and future sustainability of the lived Nordic model by contrastive and comparative research on the “Nordic institutionalized childhoods.

Completed UiO:Nordic projects