Are designers involved in creating the businesses and business-models of tomorrow aware of their responsibilities

-  and do they have the means to deal with the issues at hand to help move societies into more sustainable, long term futures?

Presentation by Svein Gunnar Kjøde.

My background is from the field of design, with a MA. in Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (2004). The last 14 years I have practiced in a broad span of industries and sectors, including industrial design, service and systems design and even development work.

During this time I have always been curious about, and often frustrated with, how the logic of business set the premise for design and innovation. As design is moving ever deeper into all aspects of our industries and societies in the form of products and services, and even (design)thinking, its impact increases accordingly. Too often we observe unintended consequences of design, both environmental and social in the race for innovation.

In my talk I will present my PhD proposal, and how my early talks with the industry and dive into the literature are shaping my research moving forwards.



Published May 4, 2020 12:11 PM - Last modified May 19, 2020 12:53 PM