Sustainability and the future of Nordic business models

The seminar is open to all interested including scholars, students, practitioners and journalists.

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This seminar brings together scholars across disciplines to discuss two broad questions:

  • What does sustainability mean in the Nordics today? The Nordic countries have enjoyed a reputation as sustainability champions. However, the claim had been made that the environmentally friendly reputation of the Nordics relies on outsourcing much of the ecological degradation to other countries. 
  • What is the future for Nordic business models with this backdrop? Transitioning to sustainability requires change for everybody, and the seminar discusses what this entails for Nordic business models.


Confirmed speakers include Dr. Jason Hickel, author and creator of the Sustainable Development Index, and Dr. Sarah Cornell, renowned for her work on planetary boundaries and broader sustainability issues. 


Published Feb. 10, 2020 3:20 PM - Last modified Oct. 15, 2020 2:38 PM