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UiO:Nordic research groups

UiO:Nordic is among the largest research initiatives in the world on the Nordic region and Nordic issues, and currently has 10 large research groups. 

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  • Photo of citylife in a street in Copenhagen Nordic Welfare Developments (NoWeDe)

    The project aims to study how the welfare state emerged historically in the Nordic (especially Norwegian) context, and of its possible emergence in developing countries in Africa and Latin America today.

  • Illustration. Several gears shaped like face profiles. Experts' influence on Nordic politics

    Experts are often asked to give advice. But do they influence political decisions? Are experts increasingly powerful in the Nordic countries?

  • Red rock art on grey stone. Gendering the Nordic Past

    This collaborative project aims at evaluating and revitalising the field of gender studies of the Nordic past, from the Stone Age to the Viking Age.

  • Image may contain: Water, Sky, Cloud, Mountain, Water resources. Collecting Norden

    What can objects collected in the Nordic North tell us about "Norden"? We investigate natural and human-made objects that have been collected during the 19 th and 20 th Centuries.

  • Image may contain: Glasses, Forehead, Hair, Face, Nose. ECODISTURB

    The project "ECODISTURB: The Ambivalence of Nordic Nature: Gift. Guilt. Grace" studies how the Nordic Societies encounter the challenges raised by the global climate crisis and the ongoing destruction and denial of nature.

  • Black and white photo. Men and women are gathered around a big table. The Norwegian flag is hanging on the back wall. Nordic Civil Societies

    How have civil societies’ global, transnational and regional interactions shaped ideas about "Norden"?

  • Image may contain: Sky, Atmospheric phenomenon, Cloud, Morning, Natural landscape. Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models (Futuring Nordics)

    Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models is a part of the University of Oslo UiO:Nordic initiative, working in collaboration with ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) Nordic research hub.

  • Stilisert kart over norden The Nordic Education Model

    The Nordic Education Model (NordEd) is a comparative research project that aims to investigate the Nordic education model with emphasis on both current and historical aspects.

  • Barn som spiller ishockey. Living the Nordic Model

    What is "The Nordic Model" of childhood ? Do the values or ideals that the model is widely thought to embody still exist today?

  • Border crossing only it says on a sign in many different languages. NORDHOST: Nordic Hospitalities in a Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis

    Is there anything specific about Nordic forms of hospitality which are developing in the encounters between arriving migrants and civil society receiving projects? NORDHOST includes researchers from many disciplines to approach value issues connected to migration and hospitalities in the Nordics.

  • Nordic branding Nordic Branding

    The interdisciplinary research project Nordic Branding investigates how the imaginaries of the Nordic region, countries, and models are constructed and appropriated and used in politics and in law.

  • Bilde av tekst fra stortingsforhandlingene 1836 The Public Sphere and Freedom of Expression in the Nordic Countries, 1815-1900

    Constitutionally protected freedom of expression and the development of a free and open public sphere during the 19th century are important historical preconditions for the open Nordic societies of today, consistently ranked at the top of the World Press Freedom Index.

    The project aims to explore the gradual, uneven development within these fields in the Nordic region, through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach.

  • nordic-model Renewing the Nordic Model (REN)

    How to Forge a Cooperative Society in a Competitive World? - Testing Radical Interdisciplinarity.