CANCELLED! The Gaze of the Others - When seen from the South

This event has been cancelled to prevent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). NORDHOST is marking the end of the project period with a closing conference about hospitality in the affluent Nordics. What do migration and mobility look like – when seen from the South?

Wooden boat, maybe 20 meters long. A small cabin. White and brown colours. Photo.

Boat used by refugees in the Mediterranean from an exhibition at MAXXIm, the national museum of contemporary arts and architecture in Rome, Italy. Foto: T. Wyller

Corona Notice (per 10.03.2020): We follow the regulations from The University of Oslo, building on national recommendations from the Health authorities. As of today, UIO is not recommending cancelling planned events of sizes such as this. We are in close dialogue with the faculty director, Dean and central management, and for the time being we are still planning to have the conference. If there are changes in the situation and if the University changes their recommendation, we will have to cancel. Please pay attention to this event page up until the event.

Conceptions of Nordic Hospitality

The research project Nordhost – Nordic Hospitality in a Context of Migration – opens for conversations and critical dialogue about, and from the location of the gaze of others. For those willing to extend their concern beyond the bounds of politics concerned only with our obligations to those nearest, there are important values at stake. What are these values and who has the right to formulate them?

These are central themes when international migration researchers meet to challenge conceptions of Nordic hospitality. When is it reliable, when is it paternalistic, and when does it merely create ripples in Nordic affluence?

We are excited to publish the program and to invite friends and colleagues and other interested parties. Welcome to a challenging and inspiring day!


10:00: Welcome

Vice-chancellor, Gro Bjørnerud Moe, UiO
NORDHOST chair, Trygve Wyller, UiO

10:15: Hospitality vs. Populism – Lived resistance

Discussion: Imam Basim Ghozlan and Arne Viste, manager of Plog AS

Chair: Thomas Hylland Eriksen

10:45: Lived Resistance – from the field

PhD candidate Helena Schmidt: «Eating no-bodies: Reflections on hospitality and citizenship from the perspective of the meal."

PhD candidate Dorina Damsa: «Between belonging and exclusion: Migrants’ resilience in a Norwegian Welfare prison.»

Post doc. María Hernández Carretero: «Citizen mobilization to welcome newcomers in Norway: political or apolitical engagement.»

Panel dialogue, respons by:

Dr. Federico Settler (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)

Chair: Kaia S. Rønsdal


13:00: Postcolonial Resistance, Nordic Edition

Vice President Saami Council Christina Henriksen and Bishop Tor B. Jørgensen

Chair: Katja Franko

13:30 pm: Postcolonial Resistance – from the field to the page

Cecilia Nahnfeldt and Kaia Rønsdal: «Christian-Cultural Values in Migration Encounters: Troubled Identities in the Nordic Region.»

Panel dialogue, response by:

Dr. Federico Settler (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa)

Dr. Elisabeth Gerle (Lund University, Sweden)

Dr. Tendayi Bloom (University of Birmingham, UK)

Chair: Trygve Wyller

15:00 pm: General discussion

15:30 pm: End of seminar

For planning reasons, please let us know if you are planning to come, please fill in your name and e-mail address.

About the Participants

Basim Ghozlan is imam and the head of the Islamic Union. Ghozlan is affiliated with the Rabita Mosque in Oslo

Arne Viste is the manager of Plog AS, a staffing agency. He is a human rights advocate, using civil disobedience by hiring asylum seekers without legal residence.

Christina Henriksen is Vice President and permanent member of the Sami Council. She has experience from international cooperation, as an adviser on indigenous issues in The Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

Tor B. Jørgensen was a bishop in Sør-Hålogaland diocese from 2007 to 2016. He is chairman of the organization Mennesker i Limbo, a group of long-time undocumented asylum seekers who fight for the rights of people in this situation.

Helena Schmidt is a PhD fellow at the Faculty of Theology. Her research project "Lived Citizen - Eating No-Nodies" examines embodied experiences of strangers in Oslo, through a meal lens, and discusses the material through contemporary theories in science of diaconia and citizenship.

Dorina Damsa is a PhD fellow in Criminology at the Faculty of Law. Her research project explores the life of migrants in the in/hospitable Nordic region. She focuses on the perspectives and experiences of irregular migrants, especially life strategies, conceptions of identity, equality, rights and justice, and the embodied consequences of other-making and precariousness.

María Hernández Carretero is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology, Faculty of Social sciences. Her research project is an ethnographic study of the reception of refugees in Norway and Sweden after the refugee peak of 2015. The project explores how ordinary residents perceive and relate to the arrival of newly arrived refugees and other migrants, and how they engage with the phenomenon and with new arrivals with a refugee background. In addition, she is also interested in how the refugees themselves experience being welcomed in their new cities and neighborhoods.

Dr. Federico Settler is a researcher and teacher at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, at the School of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, in South Africa. He is a sociologist of religion who focuses his research on issues of race, migration, agency, and post-colonialism. He is currently working primarily on religion and migration, and on body and ritual performance, race and transnationalism.

Dr. Tendayi Bloom is a researcher in political and legal theory  at the University of Birmingham, UK. Her academic interests include issues of 'non-citizenship', statelessness and human mobility. She is currently working on these issues in the context of global governance with migration.

Elisabeth Gerle is professor emerita in ethics at Centre for Theology and Religious Studies at Lund University. She was formerly rector of Pastorlatinsitutet (The Pastoral Institute) in Lund and affiliated with Raoul Wallenberg Institute. She has been guest researcher at Princeton University, Center of International Studies, USA, and at Stellenboch Insitute for Advanced Studies in South Africa.

Cecilia Nahnfeldt is currently head of research at the Swedish Church Research Unit, and is an adjunct at Uppsala University. Her research includes Lutheran theology, migration, gender studies that focus on employment and gender equality, as well as social innovation.

Kaia S. Rønsdal is a post-doctoral fellow at The Faculty of Theology in NORDHOST: Nordic Hospitals and Refugee Crisis. Her research interests include space theory, urbanity, phenomenology and theological ethics. Her research project "Magnificent Encounters in Borderlands" explores the concept of hospitality with Nordic border countries as a starting point.


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