New Affiliated PhD.

NORDHOST is happy to welcome a new affiliated PhD. fellow from Denmark, with an exciting, highly relevant project.

From Aarhus University

Laura Bjørg Serup Petersen from Aarhus University joins NORDHOST as affiliated researcher.

She is a newly enrolled PhD student at the Department of Theology, Faculty of ARTS, Aarhus University, supervised by associate professor Kirstine Helboe Johansen. With Trygve Wyller as co-supervisor, she will be affiliated to NORDHOST. Her main academic interests are the study of theology as it is lived, experienced, and expressed by people, investigated through ethnographic methods, and theology in interreligious, ecumenical, and intercultural conversation.

Research Project

Intercultural Ecclesiology – a practical theological investigation of lived ecclesiology in intercultural encounters in local churches of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. Motivated by an increase in encounters between refugees and migrants and ethnic Danish church goers in local churches in Denmark, this project investigates how these encounters have an impact on the understanding of, what the church is, as a challenge to the cultural majority of the state institutional Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark. The research will be empirically oriented, generating data in two field studies as cases of different local churches with a high level of intercultural engagement.

The project sets out in an understanding of ecclesiology as to be studied as a changeable concept constituted and negotiated in the social practices in churches. Social practices are referring to habitual interaction between individuals on a strong notion of practice as constituting meaning in itself and being mediated materially, bodily, and spatially. Further theoretical perspectives will mainly be learning as the entrance to social practices and power in sociality and in negotiation of meaning

Published Dec. 17, 2017 11:08 AM - Last modified Dec. 17, 2017 11:08 AM