PhD. and post doc. masterclass in Leiden

NORDHOST researcher Maartje van der Woude has invited all the NORDHOST PhD. and post doc. fellows in the project to a masterclass at Leiden University in March 2018.

Van der Woude has organised a very interesting seminar as part of her research project Getting to the Core of Crimmigration, and has invited several internationally renowned scholars to Leiden, not only for the seminar, but also for the masterclass. The seminar has the title Bordering Practices and the Politics of Migration, and will last for three days.

The PhDs and postdocs will present their work and ideas, and participate in discussions with the senior scholars.

The master class will be small scaled, so there will be a lot of room and time for individual questions on methods and methodologies etc.

PhD candidates from Leiden, supervised by van der Woude will also participate, enabling international and interdisciplinary discussions.

Published Nov. 5, 2017 1:04 PM - Last modified Nov. 5, 2017 1:04 PM