Publications by NORDHOST researchers

Several of the NORDHOST researchers have new publications out.

Vanessa Barker

Vanessa Barker recently guest co-edited with Lisa L. Miller a special issue in Theoretical Criminology 21 (4) of the “State of the State”. In the same issue she also contributed with a piece on border control titled Penal power at the border: Realigning state and nation

The article develops conceptual tools to understand the structural and communicative capacities of penal power to reconstitute the nation state, to reset the national frame of reference, and reassert the state’s dominion over it.

The publication is available at Sage Journals

Barker V. (2017), “Penal Power at the Border: Realigning State and Nation,” Theoretical Criminology 21 (4)  

Dorina Damsa

Dorina Damsa has a publication in collaboration Thomas Ugelvik, with in the British Journal of Criminology, titled The pains of crimmigration imprisonment: Perspectives from a Norwegian all-foreign prison, focusing on the experiences of foreign nationals at Norway’s first all-foreign prison.

Based on John Pratt’s work on Scandinavian exceptionalism and the effects of globalisation. Scholars have claimed that the Norwegian correctional system is becoming divided, where nationals are given humane and inclusive punishments, while more exclusionary alternative systems are being developed as response to the perceived challenge represented by foreign nationals. 

The authors describe three pains of imprisonment experienced by foreign national prisoners, arguing that these are all specifically tied to the prison’s status as an all-foreign prison.

The article is available at The British Journal of Criminology

Ugelvik, T./Damsa, D. (2017), “The pains of crimmigration imprisonment: Perspectives from a Norwegian all-foreign prison,” The British Journal of Criminology, azx067,, published: 31 October 2017


Rasmus Willig and Arne Johan Vetlesen

Willig og Vetlesen recently published the book “Hvad skal vi svare?” (How do we reply?), presenting perspectives on modern society’s exaggeratedly optimistic view on technological developments.

Since Nikola Tesla we have been fascinated by technology and the way it may change the world. However, the modern optimism has a downside, as it ignores the systematic exhaustion on nature and human beings in the name of development and progress.

The title refers to how when our children ask about whether things are going well, the true answer is ‘no’.

This is a book for discussion that attempts to awaken the generation of parents. About the state of the world where climate change and consumption is not taken seriously enough.

The book is available, in Danish, at Saxo

Willig, R./Vetlesen, A. J. (2017), Hvad skal vi svare?, Hans Reitzel Forlag.

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