New book from NORDHOST researcher

“En bra plats att vara på” (Artos Academic 2016) is an anthropological study of long-term integration and diversity work in the Church of Sweden.

Book cover with the title En bra plats å være på. Illustration.

Book cover

NORDHOST researcher Kristina Helgesson Kjellin resently published her work "En bra plats att vara på". Focus for the study is a network of parishes in the Church of Sweden called “The Future Lives with Us” (“Framtiden bor hos oss”). The network consists of 25 parishes in the Church of Sweden, all situated in suburbs characterised by cultural and religious diversity, as well as by great social needs.

Some of the questions discussed in the book are:

What does diversity work entail in this context?

What images of “us” and “them” come to the fore in the desire that the employees of these churches have in being open to diversity?

How is both openness and boundaries being manifested?

How is power being shown in different kinds of situations?

How can churches be rooms for integration, where migrants coming to Sweden are given space to contribute as well as experience a sense of belonging?

The ethnographic material is connected to discussions on identity, the role of materiality, organising, power, the gift, and reciprocity.

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