Closing Conference: Nordic Branding – the Politics of Exceptionalism

The closing conference of the project Nordic Branding—The Politics of Exceptionalism takes place 21.-22. October 2021. Highlights are a keynote lecture by Nadia Kaneva on “Simulation Nations” and presentation of new books on branding and circulating Nordic humanitarianism, gender equality, criminal justice, lawyering and the welfare model.

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The Nordics have been described as ‘moral superpowers’, ‘agents of a world common good’ and ‘havens of gender equality’. Over the last five years, the Nordic Branding project has investigated how these labels of exceptionalism emerged and asked: How were these images constructed? Who created them? How are they circulated and maintained? And how are they used in politics and practice?

The closing conference of the project, supported by UiO:Nordic, is a bookend for our official work and offers a time to reflect on the work that has been done, as well as being a step in the ongoing work of brand research.

The event begins with a keynote speaker from the University of Denver—Nadia Kaneva. She will deliver the keynote lecture “Simulation Nations: Hypermediation and the Remaking of the National”.

The event features a series of panels with researchers from the universities of Oslo, Helsinki, Gothenburg, Södertörn, Warwick, Aarhus, Southern Denmark, The Fridtjof Nansen Institute, and the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) on the construction and circulation of Nordic models, cooperation and identity in diverse fields.

A special feature is many of the newly published and submitted books:

For a list of all Nordic branding publications, see here.


If you wish to sign up for participation in the conference, please follow this link and fill out our online form.

Further information

The full programme can be found at this link.

The keynote lecture as well as the panels will be streamed online. Link to be posted.

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