Call for papers: Gender Equality as Branding

Call for abstracts for Nordic Branding workshop in Paris 20 -22 June 2018 on Gender Equality as Branding: Moving Beyond Nordic Exceptionalism

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The aim of the workshop is to plan for a book which is tentatively entitled “The Politics of Nordic Exceptionalism: Gender Equality as Branding”. The Nordic Gender Equality Model brand emerged in the 1990s after a period of strong Nordic State feminism and emergence of prominent female politicians. Gender-conscious family policies and female quotas for corporate boards represent its two most distinguishable features. These policies also reinforced and helped modernise the welfarist dimensions of the general Nordic brand. This workshop will explore how (i) gender equality has been branded as a central element of the Nordic model; and (ii) how it is politicized in different contexts In the workshop we aim to explore these dynamics through focusing on the following themes:

  •  Gender and international affairs, diplomacy, peace building and foreign aid.
  • Prostitution, trafficking and the ‘Nordic prostitution model’
  • Gender, suffrage and economic citizenship
  • Women in management and on business boards
  • Men, masculinities and family life
  • Gender, minorities and integration

We ask for abstracts that address one or several of these themes in order to develop an edited volume to be published most likely with Cambridge University Press. 

The workshop will be at the Norwegian University Center in Paris from 20 – 22 June.

We ask for abstracts to be submitted by 6 April 2018 to Tori Loven Kirkebø:

The workshop is organized by Eirinn Larsen (Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, UiO) and Inger Skjelsbæk (Department of Psychology, UiO) under the project Nordic Branding

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