NCS Pillar III Workshop

The workshop «A Nordic worldview? The Nordics in the world» explores new research ideas of Nordic international engagement.  

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Workshop topic

The Nordics are often assumed to pursue similar foreign policies and are regularly categorized as ‘middle powers’ or ‘like-minded nations’ in the international sphere. An important part of this image is the participation of civil society actors, such as voluntary associations or NGOs, who play a significant role in Nordic international engagement. However, is there such a thing as a Nordic view of the world? If there is, what is the place of the Nordics in this image, and how does it affect the Nordic countries’ role internationally?

The workshop «A Nordic worldview? The Nordics in the world» aims to explore new research ideas and build and extend networks of scholars of Nordic international engagement, looking beyond the traditional focus on the state as a main actor, and beyond the familiar national and regional narratives. Encouraging study of civil societies’ international engagement, we question the idea of a ‘Nordic worldview’, i.e. a shared understanding of the world and the Nordics’ place within it, and in turn how such an idea affects the Nordic countries in an increasingly globalized system. The topic thus encompasses national, regional and global levels of analysis, and encourages the inclusion of transnational perspectives in the debate.

The workshop will take place at Lysebu Hotel in Oslo. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered. Should restrictions on travel and events make it impossible to meet physically, the workshop may be moved to a digital platform.

The program will be posted at a later point. 


Nordic Civil Societies

  • Sunniva Engh, Project leader and associate Professor in History. 
  • Tyler Barrott, Doctoral Research Fellow at Center for Development and Environment.

The Workshop is funded by Nordforsk through ReNEW and UiO:Nordic.


Published Jan. 27, 2022 2:11 PM - Last modified Jan. 27, 2022 2:11 PM