Nordic Civil Societies Midway Seminar

The Organisation, Representation and Transnational Encounters of Nordic Civil Society since 1800.

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25 August 10.00-18.00

Session I

  • 10.00-10.30: Coffee.
  • 10.30-11.00: Welcome and introduction. Presentation of project research, activities, results etc.: Ass. Prof. Sunniva Engh, IAKH, University of Oslo, Prof. Klaus Nathaus, IAKH, UiO and Ass. Prof. Ruth Hemstad, IAKH, UiO/National Library of Norway
  • 11.00-11.45: Presentation of PhD projects connected to NCS. Mikkel Witt Syberg, CBS/IAKH, UiO: Civil Society organisations and Migration Governance in Interwar Denmark/Norden. Ragnar Øvergaard Aas, IAKH, UiO: Transnational Solidarity with Chile in Norway. Tyler Barrott, SUM/IAKH, UiO: The Tanzanian-Norwegian Energy Relationship, 1970-2020.
  • 11.45-12.00: Presentation of new research projects connected to NCS: Prof. Norbert Götz and Researcher Carl Marklund, Södertörn University: Civil Society without Boundaries: Nordic Humanitarianism Facing the Biafra Crisis.
  • 12.00 Break
  • 12.15-13.00: Presentation of Center for Civil Society Studies, CBS: Ass. Prof. Mads Mordhorst, Ass. Prof. Liv Egholm, Prof. Lars Bo Kaspersen, Prof. Anker Brink Lund, Ass. Prof. Mathias Hein Jessen, Ass. Prof. Anders Sevelsted and post.doc Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen.
  • 13.00-14.00: Lunch

Session II

Session III

  • 15.00-15.50: Keynote lecture: Professor Norbert Götz, Södertörn University: Synergies and Clashes of Civil Society: National, Regional, and Global
  • Questions and discussion
  • 15.50-16.15: Break

Session IV

  • Paper presentations and discussions related to NCS concluding book project: The organisation, representations and transnational encounters of Nordic civil society since 1800
  • 16.15-18.00: Introduction. Paper presentations and discussions.
  • 19th century Nordic civil society experiences
  • Archivist Margrét Gunnarsdottir, National Archive of Iceland, Phd candidate Iceland University: A failed attempt at democracy at the beginning of the 19th century: The Icelandic Society and its part in the abortive revolution of 1809
  • Ass. Prof. Sidsel Eriksen, University of Copenhagen: Transnational temperance in the age of nation building
  • Prof. Odd Arvid Storsveen, IAKH, UiO: Sharp shooting – a typical Nordic pasttime?
  • 19.00: Dinner

26 August 10:00 – 12.00

Session V

  • 10:00-11.30: Paper presentations and discussions.
  • 20th century Nordic civil society experiences
  • Post doc, Melina Antonia Buns, University of Stavanger/KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Challenging Nuclear Utopias: Anti-Nuclear Movements in the Nordic Countries.
  • Ass. Prof. Suze van der Poll, University of Amsterdam: (Trans-)national encounters – Sami literature as peaceful protest against the exclusive and marginalising national practices within the Norwegian and Swedish welfare states.
  • Prof. Inger Johanne Sand, Faculty of Law, UiO: Civil society, state agencies and citizens: shifting meaning and boundaries.
  • 11.30-12.00 Concluding discussions and way forward
  • 12.00-13.00: Lunch
  • Connected, parallell workshops: 26‒27 August 2022, CBS, Copenhagen: Bureaucratic Voluntarism: Historical and Sociological Studies on the Organisation of Associational Life in the Nordic Countries and Beyond (Organised by Klaus Nathaus, Mads Mordhorst and Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen)
  • Nordic Foreign Politics in Popular Culture (Organised by Sunniva Engh and Kristian Bjørkdahl)


NCS Midway Seminar is organised by Ruth Hemstad (, Sunniva Engh (, Klaus Nathaus ( and Mads Mordhorst (

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