Nordic Education Model Book launch September 29th

Do you want to learn more about the Nordic Education Model?
September 29th the Nordic Education Model research project is launching its new book edited by Daniel Tröhler, Bernadette Hörmann, Sverre Tveit and Inga Bostad

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The Nordic Education Model (NordEd) research project chaired by professor Inga Bostad are excited to share our new volume which is now available as open-access.

Tracing historical and cultural factors which gave rise to the Nordic Education Model, this volume explores why Northern European education policy has become an international benchmark for schooling.

The book will be of great interest to researchers, scholars, and postgraduates working across the fields of curriculum, comparative education, cultural studies and history and philosophy of education and education policy.

The book includes 17 chapters, 8 of which written by scholars at the Department of Education. 

The volume is edited by professor Daniel Tröhler, postdoctoral researcher Bernadette Hörmann, postdoctoral researcher Sverre Tveit and professor Inga Bostad.


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Book launch program:


Tore Rem: Opening


Daniel Tröhler: The Nordic Education Model. Trajectories, Configurations, Challenges


Afshan Bibi: Schoolteachers, Child-Centered Education, and the Nordic Education Model


Elin Rødahl Lie: Gender, Equality, and Education—Are We About to Abandon Our Nordic Ideals?

14:10 BREAK


Bernadette Hörmann & Berit Karseth: From Active Members of the School Community to Active Knowledge Acquirers. The Rhetoric on Students in Norwegian Curricula Across Time


Otso Kortekangas: Integrating, Segregating, Emancipating? The General and the Specific in Nordic Sámi Education in the Early Twentieth Century and Today



Inga Bostad: Rooms of Togetherness—Nordic Ideals of Knowledge in Education


Closing discussion


Refreshments, champaign and saxophone

The book launch takes place in Aud. 3 at Helga Engs Hus, and in Zoom:



Sverre Tveit
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