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The Public Sphere and Freedom of Expression in the Nordic Countries, 1815-1900

Constitutionally protected freedom of expression and the development of a free and open public sphere during the 19th century are important historical preconditions for the open Nordic societies of today, consistently ranked at the top of the World Press Freedom Index.

The project aims to explore the gradual, uneven development within these fields in the Nordic region, through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach.

Bilde av tekst fra stortingsforhandlingene 1836

Foto: Nasjonalbiblioteket

Photo: Nasjonalbiblioteket

About the group

The interdisciplinary research group is part of one of the university’s three main thematic initiatives, UiO:Nordic. The project will be hosted by the Department of Public and International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, in close cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Theology, the National Library of Norway and the Storting Archives. The research group includes a number of participating and affiliated researchers, representing different regions and disciplines, such as law, history, theology, political science, literature and intellectual history.

About the project

The aim of the research project is to investigate the gradual and uneven development of the public sphere and freedom of expression in the Nordic countries from the beginning of the 19th century, through conflicts, setbacks and battles, to a gradually broader public participation in the public sphere towards the end of the century. The project will explore Nordic differences and interaction, in an international perspective and context, through a range of different, interrelated subprojects, focusing on historical, judicial, political, religious and cultural preconditions. The aim is to provide new knowledge on the five Nordic countries’ different paths to freedom of expression and a free and open public sphere.

Cooperating partners

The project comprises of participants from the following institutions:

Collaborative institutions and projects


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