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UiO study options in English for those who are interested in the Nordic countries.

Study programme:

Nordic Media (master's programme)

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Courses, sorted by academic discipline


ARK2130/ ARK4130 - From the Bronze Age to the Vikings and Beyond. Archaeological Analysis of Past Technology

HIS2133/ HIS4133 - The Cult of Saints in Norway and Iceland c.950-1250

HIS2140/ HIS4140 - Objects and Identities in the Viking Age (c.750-c.1050)

HIS2335/ HIS4335 - Into the Ice: Norwegian Polar History

KUN2305E/ KUN4305E - Inside the medieval church: the church room and its decoration in medieval Scandinavia

MEVIT1814 - The 200th Anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution: Democracy, Freedom of Speech and the Media

MEVIT3550/ MEVIT4550 - Nordic Noir

MEVIT4100 - Nordic Media in an International Perspective

MEVIT4525 - Contemporary Tendencies in Scandinavian Visual Fiction

MUS1401 - Norwegian Music for International Students

Social Sciences

SOS2402 - Family, gender equality and the welfare state

SOS2603 - The Scandinavian welfare society - contemporary perspectives

STV1510 - Nordic politics

STV4227B - Geopolitics in the High North

STV4321B - Human rights, ideologies and political regimes

STV4322B - The Politics of Organized Political Actors

STV4358 - Comparative Political Institutions


DIAK4223 - Citizenship

DIAK4230 - Welfare State, Religion and Values

RESA4101 - Contemporary Religion

RESA4214 - Religion and Politics in Europe

RRE4205 - The three religions in contemporary perspective

Interdisciplinary gender studies

ISSHF2060 - Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries (as part of the International Summer School)

KFL2060 - Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

KFL4060 - Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

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