Funding and vacancies

UiO:Energy supports interdisciplinary research  initiatives across the University of Oslo. Our grants support activities that aim to develop knowledge that will fascilitate the transition towards more sustainable energy systems.

Call for summer research projects 2019

UiO:Energy will fund educational summer research projects between April and October 2019 for 10 students enrolled in their last year of a bachelor program, or in their first year of a master-program at UiO. We now invite you to suggest projects for one or two students per research group. 

Read more (Deadline; 15 February 2019)

Grants for international mobility and collaboration

UiO:Energy offers financial support for shorter visits abroad for master and PhD students as well as researchers within the field of energy. The grant aims to support increased international mobility as a research-promoting and competence-enhancing initiative. We support different activities such as attendance at conferences, courses or short-term visits to international research groups.

Current call (Open-ended application deadline)

Seed funding for activitities to strengthen energy and energy related research

To strengthen the development of relevant research groups at UiO, we  support activities that involve collaboration between different researchers as well as external research partners and stakeholders. International collaborations will be prioritized.

Read about the calldeadline 15th November