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Seed funding

UiO:Energy announces seed funding to activitities to strengthen energy and energy related research. Grants for seed funding are announced annually on our web site. 


Through this announcement, the UiO:Energy strives to stimulate activities that can strengthen and support energy and energy -related research in relation to major international and national calls, e.g. Horizon2020, ENERGIX and CoE scemes. UiO:Energy has defined four priority areas, and the projects should span across these areas or fall within one of them.The proposed projects should thematically cover one or more of the four identified main research areas identified by UiO:Energy.

Applications that involve researchers covering several academic disciplines, involve external partners, internationalization and/or promote gender equality and diversity will be prioritized.

To strengthen the development of relevant research groups at UiO, we also support activities that involve collaboration between different researchers as well as external research partners and stakeholders. International collaborations will be prioritized. In the 2019 call strategic activities related to applications for the next SFF-call (the Centres of Excellence Scheme) will also be prioritized

Call autumn 2019, deadline 15th November
Awarded seed funding spring 2018 og spring 2019

What do we support

You may apply for funding for up to 400 000 NOK. The announcement is found on the link above. We support the following activities:

  1. Workshops and/or travels for development and positioning of scientific projects/groups
  2. Open seminar series where units at UiO are main organizers
  3. Expenses in relation to writing an application for UiO researchers or external collaborators/consultants
  4. Temporary appointment of researchers, mainly as Prof II’s, from other national and international academic partners to strengthen the research group and long-term collaborations
  5. PhD/Post.Doc/Researcher positions. This is a measure for strengthening more mature projects/research collaborations. UiO:Energy does not generally have the funding for full financing of such temporary positions, but we may cover shorter periods e.g. at the start/end of a given position provided by a home institution. You may also ask for partial coverage of temporary positions.


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