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What is UiO:Energy?

UiO:Energy is one of three strategic priority areas at the university – focused on advancing new ways of using energy to reduce global climate change and environmental challenges. Creating a low-carbon society is one of today’s biggest challenges.

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Our approach is interdisciplinary. By bringing together expertise from law, the social sciences, humanities, technology and natural sciences, our researchers contribute to new solutions for clean, affordable and reliable sources of energy.

UiO:Energy is the coordinating hub for energy research, education and outreach at the University of Oslo. As such, we accelerate the research process by fostering collaboration across disciplines at the university, other research institutions and with non-academic partners.

Main Research Areas

UiO:Energy has defined four main research areas across the university. These are based on societal needs, solid research teams and external funding opportunities.

  • Materials for Energy: We need new materials to make energy use more sustainable and efficient.
  • Energy systems: We need a new energy system to balance the multitude of energy sources, such as wind and solar, and producers.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage: Improving technologies that will reduce CO2-emissions from fossil fuels.
  • Energy Transition and Sustainable Societies: New knowledge about societal, political and judicial aspects is needed to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon society.

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Through interdisciplinary courses at master and PHd courses we give our candidates experience and knowledge about the ongoing energy transition. Students learn about the whole energy system through lectures and field trips.

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We are a platform for engagement, and bring industry, students, governmental bodies and the research community together. The goal is to stimulate to innovative and creative solutions.

Strategic support to promote new collaborations and research projects is given through funding opportunities, workshops and lectures.

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