Information meeeting: Call for UiO:Energy Thematic Research Groups (TRG)

UiO:Energy is funding the development of Thematic Research Groups aimed at addressing challenges related to the transition towards more sustainable energy systems and societies. We invite all researchers who might be interested to an information meeting on the recent announced call for Thematic Research Groups (TRG).

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In February 2020 UiO:Energy will award grants for establishing or strengthening two Thematic Research Groups. This time around, priority is given to the two focus areas "Energy Transition and Sustainable Societies" and "Energy Systems".

The funding from UiO:Energy is a total maximum of 4 MNOK over a period of two years. Application deadline is December 15th 2019.

Read more about the TRGs here.


  • Presentation of the scheme
  • The application procedures
    • Who can apply
    • How to apply
    • Evaluation
  • Q&A

The TRGs shall contribute towards the development of an interdisciplinary culture as well as partnerships between researchers at UiO. It is also desirable that the Thematic Research Groups foster collaborations with international research groups and external stakeholders from the industry, governmental bodies or the society at large. 

Published Oct. 16, 2019 11:21 AM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2021 10:35 AM