UIO:Energy in Brussel

UiO:Energy attended the Energy Info Days and the UNI-SET conference in Brussels. During the Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days new funding opportunities offered by the Energy Work Programme 2018-2020 were presented while during the UNI-SET conference views on the design of future energy education and research programs were exchanged.  

Horizon 2020 -  Energy Info Days

Some of the last calls in the Societal Challenge 3, Secure, clean and efficient energy, were presented over a three day event in Brussels on October 23-25 2017, including one day dedicated to smart cities and communities. As the program is now moving towards its end it is clear that there is less focus on research, and more focus on implementation and deployment, making it very challenging for universities to answer many of the calls.

The focus on knowledge from non-technical disciplines, in particular law and social sciences, was highlighted in relation to challenges involving mitigating household energy poverty and enabling the consumer to take part in the sustainable energy transformation. Yet, paradoxically, there seems to be few opportunities to actually carry out research on these topics in the Work Programme.

The overall goal is still to support the transition to a reliable, sustainable and competitive energy system through supporting the realisation of the Energy Union, one of the ten priorities of the Juncker Commission. The 2015 Paris Agreement, which the EU helped broker, set a clear and ambitious direction for investment into low-carbon innovation. The most important guideline for prioritized focal areas for the Commission in this last period is the 'Clean Energy for all Europeans' package of measures of November 2016. Here three overarching goals were presented:

1. Energy efficiency first

2. Europe as a leader in renewables, and

3. A fair deal to consumers.

The last calls are now published, and you may find them here. Even though the research calls are limited, there are still topics that should be relevant to a number of researchers at UiO. If you want more detailed information on specific calls or just discuss themes presented by the Commission, do not hesitate to contact us.

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UNI-Set conference

UiO:Energy also attended the UNI-Set conference in Brussels on October 23-24 2017. The UNI-SET (Universities in the SET-Plan) project aims to mobilise European universities to contribute to the European energy goals in the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)

The conference included the presentation of an “Action Agenda for Europe’s Universities: Identifying New Paradigms in Energy Education and Research”. This is a strategic document providing recommendations for universities and policymakers for the update of energy education and research programmes. The strategic document is not published yet, but the presentation of the paper highlighted the need for new cross-disciplinary approaches, integrating different energy technologies, energy systems, energy economies and markets, and importantly, embracing new regulatory frameworks, and understanding consumer behavior and societal and cultural dimensions.

More than 300 university leaders have contributed to the vision, objectives and actions outlined in the report. Reserachers across many universities in Europe are working with the report and a final version will will be presented early in 2018. 

The European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research & Education

The European Atlas of Universities in Energy Research & Education (University Energy Atlas) is also a result of the UNI-SET project and contains information about several hundred energy research programmes and Master programmes in the field of energy. The research atlas also shows information about related doctoral schemes, if available. With the atlas, you can find key information on energy-related educational and research activities at universities throughout Europe.

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