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Energy research at UiO

Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME)

Mobility Zero Emission Energy Systems - MoZEES

  • Hosted by Institute for Energy Technology, Øystein Ulleberg
  • UiO is a research partner, Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology  and UiO:Energy
  • Read more about MoZEES

Research Centre for Sustainable Solar Cell Technology

Norwegian CCS Research Centre - NCCS

  • Hosted by SINTEF Energy, Mona Jacobsen Mølnvik
  • UiO is a research partner, Department of Geology and Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law
  • Read more about NCCS

Centre for International Climate and Energy Policy - CICEP

  • Hosted by Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo CICERO, Steffen Kallbekken
  • UiO is reserach partner, Department of Political Science
  • Read more about CICEP

Oslo Centre for Research on Environmentally friendly Energy - CREE

  • Hosted by Frisch centre, Rolf Golombek
  • UiO is research partner, Department of Economics and Centre for Development and the Environment 
  • Read more about CREE

Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies - CenSES

  • Hosted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Asgeir Tomasgard
  • UiO is research partner, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture
  • Read more about CenSES

Centres for Research-based Innovation

Centre for Scalable Data Access in the Oil and Gas Domain (SIRIUS)

  • Hosted by the Department of Informatics, Arild Waaler.
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology and The University of Oxford are research partners. 
  • The centre addresses the problems of scalable data access in the oil & gas industry.
  • Combines public funding for basic research with funding from its industry partners into an 8 year programme for industrial innovation.
  • Read more about SIRIUS