Career support

Career support for researchers at an early career stage aims to equip PhDs, postdocs and other non-tenured academic staff with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate towards future career opportunities, both inside and outside the academic world. This is a central part of the university's strategic efforts to offer its employees the best possible opportunities for professional and academic development, to cultivate environments for excellent research and education, and to increase the societal influence of research.

Courses and activities

UiO offers a variety of courses and programmes for its academic staff. If you are a PhD candidate, specialized courses may be available through your PhD programme. Please note that some courses are only available in Norwegian. 

Competence Development

An overview of courses and programmes offered in English and in Norwegian at the For Employees-pages. 

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

LINK – Centre for Learning, Innovation & Academic Development teaches the UiO foundation course in university pedagogics

Career Support at the Faculties

University Library

The University library offers a variety of courses throughout the academic year. 

The Career Services

The Career Services at UiO offers courses and on-line advice for planning your career. (The services are mainly aimed at students, but staff may also find useful advice.)


UiODoc is the interest organization for PhD candidates and postdocs at the University of Oslo, and regularly arranges career events. Subscribe to its newsletter to stay updated.

Working life

As an early career researcher at the University of Oslo, you have both rights and obligations as a member of our institution. You are encouraged to join a trade union and to get involved in an interest organization.

Right and obligations

The rights and duties connected with the development of skills, knowledge and expertise are regulated by Norwegian Law. You should know the university's employment conditions.

Trade unions

Members of staff are able to influence their workplace and working conditions through trade unions and safety representatives.

Interest organizations


UiODoc works to represent and support PhD candidates and postdoctors at the University of Oslo.


SiN- the Association of Doctoral Organizations in Norway is a joint committee of local organizations for PhD candidates and postdoctors at Norwegian colleges and universities.


AYF - the Young Academy of Norway is an interdisciplinary organization for young researchers dedicated to research policy and dissemination.

Relevant reports and documents

Several recent reports have discussed the conditions for early career researchers and the consequences for academia, the world outside academia and the researchers themselves.

Career support for early stage researchers

The University Board adopted a set of standards for career support in March 2020. Get to know the standards and the report it is based on

KUPP reports

UiOs Centres of Excellence have an ongoing project on career support for early career researchers, led by the Hylleraas Centre. Read more about the project and its reports.

External reports


AYF - the Young Academy of Norway delivered in 2018 a report on Young researchers in Norway: Career paths and ambitions.


The Doctoral Degree Survey 2019 provide new knowledge about doctors' labor market adaptation and the doctoral education's quality and relevance to the labor market today (Norwegian text).


EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) delivered in 2020 a report on Career Development and Tracking in Doctoral Education.

The Science Ombud

The Science Ombud is an independent and impartial authority for all academic staff at the University of Oslo, for issues and disputes concerning good scientific practice, research integrity and research ethics.

ISMO - International Staff Mobility Office

ISMO supports incoming international staff, PhD candidates, guest researchers and their families with relocation to UiO.

Useful links

Job opportunities

Are you seeing the end of your current position? Try one of the following job portals to look for future possibilities. You may also be interested in the Rules for appointment to Professor and Associate Professor positions at UiO.

UiO vacancies

All vacancies at UiO are posted on this web page. 


NAV - the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration posts positions of all kinds and links to other useful pages.


Try looking for a new position at the European job and funding portal