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Damages and repairs

Serious damages: Call 22 85 66 66

Serious damages

  • The Estate Department performs damage limitations at all hours
  • Response time: 15 minutes

Serious damages include:

  • people stuck in lifts
  • damaged entrance doors and broken windows
  • sections falling from the building surfaces
  • water leakages or flooded buildings
  • major power outages
  • critical infrastucture errors

Other errors

Report other damages, defects and needs to the Estate Department.

  • Response time: Within two workdays.
  • Repairs are normally carried out between 07.00 – 15.00.

Do not report

  • Damage to premises inflicted by visitors.
  • Damages to kitchen supplies and scientific equipment.

Report damage, defects and needs

You can also report other needs related to cleaning, outdoor space, waste, internal relocation, courier services or other operational work.