Short introduction to Nettskjema

Nettskjema is a tool for designing and conducting online surveys. The field of application extends  from making basic  forms form for application, registration and quizes, to being frontend for highly sensitive  research investigations and customized mobile apps for collecting health information integrated with Sensitive Data (TSD) Services.

Nettskjema is developed and operated by the University Information Technology Center (USIT) at UiO.

The service has approximately 100% uptime and no limits on the number of answers and forms. There is capacity for large-scale surveys with many simultaneous deliveries.

Nettskjema is easy to use and the respondents can submitt answers form a browser on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

There is focus on self-service, user-friendliness, research and teaching purposes as well as security and privacy.

Nettskjema has the most common features for designing / managing online surveys. In addition, it is specifically designed to meet Norwegian privacy requirements.



Nettskjema is easy to use and encourages self-service. Users create / manage their own forms and surveys.

Focus on teaching and research

The application has some features that are customized for research and teaching purposes. Examples are conditional branching of questions and answers (see dynamic view), numerical validation and opportunity for student response system. Development of functionality is largely user-oriented and is based on feedback and needs from research, administration and teaching environments.

Simple presentation of results

It is possible at any time to review the results in a basic web report in Nettskjema.
Results can be exorted to Excel and default tab-separated files for further analysis.
Function exists to prepare exported data for easy import to SPSS.

Response from mobile devices

Answers to forms can be made from mobile phones and tablets.
Nettskjema is also working as a "backend" for  delivery of responses from mobile apps developed at UiO (Read more about mobile solutions for research (only norwegian)).

Security and Privacy

There is a high level of information security requirements (see Information Security and Risk Assessment for Web Schema).
For research investigations that will collect and process sensitive personal data, iNettskjema deliveres data to  Services for Sensitive Data (TSD). That is, forms can be set up for direct encrypted delivery to secure storage in the TSD-environment.
See procedures for applying for access to the TSD.

Who can use the online form

All students and staff at UiO have access to the online form.
Institutions in the UH sector that have made access agreements can log in with FEIDE. P. T. this applies to Higher Education College in Oslo and Akershus (HiOA) and Norway's Arctic University (UiT). In addition, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) has an agreement on the extended use of the Net Schedule for use in its research.

TSD and Nettskjema

Users of Services for Sensitive Data (TSD)  are given access via the ID port.





The service is supported by USIT@UiO and any and all questions concerning the service can be sendt to 

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