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Digital solutions for students

Lectures and schedule

Check information channels used for the courses you are taking for updates on how upcoming courses will be offered. It is highlighted in the schedule whether teaching will digital or not.

Check Canvas and My studies:

  • Canvas - digital courses, messages and dialogue with the lecturer
  • My studies - messages from Canvas, courses and study programmes displayed in one place. Here you´ll also find your schedule.
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Digital group and colloquium rooms

Keep in touch with your fellow students using digital tools available. Even if you cannot meet up physically, you can support each other online both professionally and socially.

Both Zoom and Teams can be used to create digital rooms with video conferencing, chat and screen sharing. You can also use Skype.

Tools you can use in your studies:

Digital help from the library

There are several ways to get digital help and guidance from the library. Read more and contact us!

You can also book e-tutoring at the Academic writing centre.

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