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Recording your trial lecture

We recommend that you use Zoom for your digital trial lecture. It may be useful to practice using Zoom for presentations before you conduct the lecture itself. 

The trial lecture recording should be ready no later than two days before the defence. 

Please read the UiO guidelines for recording in Zoom. In order to show slides from a presentation while presenting, you can share content (i.e. your screen). Check that your microphone works properly before you start recording, to ensure good audio quality.

If you need to use a blackboard during the lecture, we recommend using a tablet/iPad with a pen as a digital board, and sharing this screen whenever needed. Read more about how to share a screen and using a tablet/iPad as a blackboard.

Keep in mind that this is a recording that will be openly available for some time on the UiO website. You need to provide sources for all pictures, graphs and information that you use in your presentation, and avoid using copyrighted pictures that you are not allowed to re-use.

When you have completed the presentation and stopped recording, please ensure that the recording was successful and that the audio is good enough, before you send the recording of your trial lecture to your own faculty administrator, so that they can publish it on the defence announcement, and distribute it to the committee for evaluation. To send the recording we recommend using FileSender

If the recording was unsuccessful, you can try again. You may record the trial lecture in several takes and edit the recording if you want. You are not required to complete the trial lecture in a single take, but you must submit it as a single video file. 

If you have any questions or problems with Zoom, contact

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