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Video conference

The procedure when conducting your trial lecture as a video conference depends on whether you are going to have a completely digital or partially digital defence. 

General information

If you wish to give your trial lecture as a video conference in Zoom with opponents present, you must agree on a time and date with the chair of the defence, the opponents and a technician from local IT (to manage the Zoom session).

We recommend that you use Zoom for your digital trial lecture. It may be useful to practice using Zoom for presentations before you conduct the lecture itself, regardless of whether you make a recording of your lecture or conduct it as a video conference. 

Partially digital trial lecture

A partially digital trial lecture takes place on campus in a lecture room, with an audience, but the opponents participate in Zoom. The trial lecture will also be streamed to the defence announcement website, which means that it can be followed remotely by anyone who wishes to do so. In order to sit in the actual audience one must sign up beforehand. The candidate can reserve up to eight seats for their own supervisors, family, colleagues, friends, etc. These people still need to be signed up, but will have priority inn cases where there is not room for everyone who tries to sign up. For anyone else the rule is that they can only attend in person if they have signed up and received confirmation that there is room for them.

The trial lecture is conducted like a normal lecture, where you can show slides. The opponents will be able to follow through Zoom. It is important that you speak into the microphone, to ensure that the opponents can hear you. 

If you need to use a blackboard during your defence, we recommend using a tablet/iPad with a pen as a virtual board, and share that screen in Zoom. This is the recommended solution even if there is a blackboard in the room where the defence will be, as it will be easier for your opponents to see what you write on a digital board.

Completely digital trial lecture

At a completely digital trial lecture is conducted without any audience present in the room with you. You should make sure that you are seated in a room with a good Internet connection. If you do not have an appropriate room available at home you can use an office or a similar small room on campus. If you no longer have an office at the university, you can contact your local ph.d. administration, and they will help facilitate. 

A completely digital trial lecture is conducted as a Zoom webinar. This means that only invited participants (panelists) will be able to show video, control their own microphone and share a screen. Everyone else will only be able to watch and listen, and can be granted permission to turn on their microphone if they should ask for it. The webinar will be set up and controlled by a defence technician. 

Published Sep. 7, 2020 5:32 PM - Last modified Sep. 7, 2020 5:34 PM