How to configure a program to read the UiO e-mail

All office computers at UiO shall have the right settings. The information in this document can be used to make settings in the email program at home, on a mobile phone or another computer or mobile device. You also need to make these settings if you choose to use an email program that is not supported at UiO on your office computer. See list of supported applications.

Find your e-mail address 

You will always have to enter your e-mail address. If you are not sure of your e-mail address you will find e-mail information in Brukerinfo. Log in with your UiO username and password.

Configuration settings for e-mail clients at UiO

Tjeneste Vertsmaskin (host)  Portnummer  Beskrivelse 
 SMTP  587 (TLS) / 465 (SSL)  Sende e-post
 IMAP  143 (TLS) / 993 (SSL)  Lese e-post
 POP  110 (TLS) / 995 (SSL)  Lese e-post

Postmaster normally recommend that you choose (authenticated on port 587 with TLS) to send e-mail and (on port 143 with TLS) to access the received e-mail.

Using POP

If you choose to retrieve mail using POP3 protocol, it is wise to check for "Leave Mail on Server", so you can access your email when you return to the office. 

Postmaster usually recommend that you do not use POP. This is an old protocol, and all you can do with POP is also supported by the newer IMAP protocol.

Configuration settings for the LDAP directory service at the UiO

The LDAP directory service allows you to search for people associated with UiO.

Setting Value
 Base DN:  dc=uio,dc=no
 Don't return more than:  50
 Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (mail=*)

Vær oppmerksom på at om en person har flere brukerkontoer, så vil kun primærkontoen være tilgjengelig. Det er også mulig å reservere seg mot å være registrert, slik at dette ikke er en komplett katalog over alle ved UiO. Please note that if a person has multiple user accounts, then only the primary account will be available. It is also possible to refuse to be registered in LDAP, so this is not a complete catalog of all at the University.

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