Some of us get a lot of spam and unwanted email. Therefore, the UiO set up strong spam filtering centrally. You can make also set your own spam filtering settings.

Previously, you were recommended to create your automatic replies/absence messages in Brukerinfo. Now you do it directly in Outlook or webmail (OWA).

Sorting your e-mail messages into different folders provides overview and helps you keep track of messages.

A signature is a predefined text that is automatically added to the bottom of the e-mails you send. It should be short - preferably no longer than 4 lines - and it usually contains contact information.

You may choose to write e-mails with formatted text, such as bulleted lists and highlighted text.

Some emails are composed in HTML. It allows for pretty formatting and images, but also for malicious software. HTML view is disabled by default, but you can turn it on.

This guide provides an overview of the Outlook program window and an easy startup guide.

Sometimes images are not downloaded in the e-mail. This typically applies to e-mails that are sent as HTML. Also read how to display an e-mail as HTML.